Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life InsuranceBenefits of Whole Life Insurance…

Whole life insurance provides permanent insurance protection and builds cash value. They  remain in force until the policy matures (pays out). Premiums are level throughout the life of the policy. The face amount is also level throughout the life of the policy.

Whole life insurance premium rate per thousand is higher that term insurance. Whole life insurance builds cash value that can be used by the policy owner through policy loans or non-forfeiture rights. At maturity, any unpaid loan amount will decrease the death benefit.

Whole life insurance policies meet these needs:

Level premiums for the life of the policy

Cash value accumulates tax-deferred

Level face amount paid regardless of when the insured dies (up to age 100)

Whole life insurance or ordinary straight life is ideal for those who desire lifelong coverage with some built-in cash value accumulation. These policies offer simple lifetime protection by providing a lifetime of coverage for a guaranteed price with a guaranteed death benefit.

Whole life policies may not be appropriate for short-term needs or when operating on a limited budget. These policies are very rigid and does not allow premium adjustments or face amount adjustments.

Some of our whole life insurance carriers offer Simplified Issue and Guaranteed Issue insurance policies. These policies do not require routine medical examinations, bodily fluids testing, physician’s statements or personal history interviews. Some products are ideal for clients with minor health issues like controlled high blood pressure or controlled high cholesterol. We also have some products for clients with major health issues or previously declined for life insurance.

The financial protection and security provided by a whole life insurance policy will help answer the question of what will happen to your loved ones in the event of your untimely death. A life insurance policy is an excellent way for every parent to financially secure their loved ones future.

Signature Quote is an independent insurance agency. We represent a number of highly rated national insurance carriers. Our underwriters know which insurer can provide the coverage you are looking for at the price you are prepared to pay. Browse our extensive list of top rated insurance companies.

Our process is to have a single agent contact you. Once you contact Signature Quote, only one insurance agent will respond to your inquiry. We do not sell your contact information to other insurance companies therefore you will not receive calls from multiple insurance companies and agents. The single agent that responds to your inquiry will search the multiple insurance companies that we represent. That agent will search our list of highly rated insurance companies instead of you and present the best quote for your consideration.

Let us search the insurance market for the best whole life insurance coverage at the best price that meets your needs.


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