Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life InsuranceIs Universal Life Insurance Right For You???

Universal life insurance is a flexible premium, adjustable benefit life insurance that accumulates cash value. These policies have a guaranteed death benefit and a minimum guaranteed interest rate to be paid on cash values. Policy loans are available because this is a cash value policy.

Universal life insurance policies also allow the policyholder to make withdrawal from the policy. This is in addition to traditional whole life insurance policy loans. These policy withdrawals are tax-free up to your cost basis which is the total amount of premium paid into the policy.

Universal life insurance is an interest-sensitive whole life policy designed with fixed premium payments that are adjusted by the insurance company in reaction to the most recent investment return experienced on invested premiums.

Universal life insurance has flexible premium and adjustable benefits. The death benefit can be increased or decreased as needed, without having to purchase another policy, subject to the insured insurability. Premium payments can be made in any amount and in any frequency desired by policyholder, as long as enough is paid to keep the policy in force.

Universal life insurance policyholders benefit from periods of high interest rates. When interest rates are high, the insurance company may decrease the premium payment since the company is receiving a higher return on their investments. Conversely, premiums could increase when interest rates are lower than expected. Premium adjustments are made on the policy anniversary date when necessary.

In summary, universal life insurance is permanent life insurance that offers:

·       Lifetime death benefit coverage

·       Offers the most flexibility

·       Fixed interest rate

·       Most policies offer cash value growth and access

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