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Do You Need Impaired Risk Life Insurance?

Impaired Risk 2Impaired Risk life insurance is for people who have known health issues. As an independent insurance broker we have relationship with insurers who specialize in underwriting people with health problems. We know which insurer to take your application to based on your health issues and your needs.

Some of our impaired risk life insurance carriers offer Simplified Issue and Guaranteed Issue whole life insurance policies. These policies do not require routine medical examinations, bodily fluids testing, physician’s statements or personal history interviews. Some products are ideal for clients with minor health issues like controlled high blood pressure or controlled high cholesterol. We also have some products for clients with major health issues or previously declined for life insurance.

Not all impaired risk life insurance companies underwrites all health issues.  An impaired risk insurer may be competitive with one type of health issue, but less aggressive with other health issues. We search our list of Impaired risk insurance companies for the insurer that is most competitive for your specific health issues.

A limited listing of health conditions requiring impaired risk life insurance underwriting are:

heart disease

crohn’s disease




mini stroke

prostate cancer

sleep apnea

hepatitis C


multiple sclerosis



In addition to applicants with high risk medical conditions, there are some occupations and hobbies that may put an applicant in the impaired risk life insurance category. Some high risk occupations include automobile racing and being a pilot. There are certain hobbies like bungee jumping, skydiving, hang gliding or other hobbies that move at extremely high speed either on the ground or in the air that will put an applicant in the high risk insurance category.

Signature Quote is an independent insurance agency representing a number of nationally known insurance companies. We also represent insurance companies that may not be nationally known but are the best in their area of expertise. Our underwriters know which insurer can provide the coverage you are looking for at the price you are prepared to pay. We will search our listing of highly rated national insurers for the insurer who has the coverage and the price you are looking for. Review our list of top rated Life Insurance companies.

Our process is to have a single agent contact you. Once you contact Signature Quote, only one insurance agent will respond to your inquiry. We do not sell your contact information to other insurance companies therefore you will not receive calls from multiple insurance companies and agents. The single agent that responds to your inquiry will search the multiple insurance companies that we represent. That agent will search our list of highly rated insurance companies instead of you and present the best quote for your consideration.

Let us do what we do best, search the insurance market for the best life insurance product at the best price that meets your needs.


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