Final Expense Life Insurance

Final Expense Life InsuranceFinal Expense Life Insurance Is Needed…

Final expense life insurance allows you to prepare for your final expense which is an important part of your personal estate planning. This is life insurance, normally in smaller face amounts, designed to cover funeral expenses, medical bills and credit card debt.

Final expense life insurance is an affordable term or whole life policy that has guaranteed death benefit amount that stay the same for the life of your policy. As with regular whole life insurance, final expense life insurance policies build cash value that accumulates tax-deferred.

We represent some insurers who offer Simplified Issue and Guaranteed Issue final expense life insurance policies. These policies do not require routine medical examinations, bodily fluids testing, physician’s statements or personal history interviews (PHIs).

This is life insurance designed to protect your loved ones from future financial burden caused by your death. Final expense life insurance makes it possible for your family and friends to celebrate your life without worrying about your final financial obligations.

Funeral costs are increasing for in-earth burials. Having a final expense insurance policy can relieve the financial stress and uncertainty associated with the death of a family member. It offers you and your family a certain peace of mind.

A beneficiary should be named and it should be a trusted, responsible person who will do the right thing. The beneficiary would file the claim with the insurer and receive the policy death benefits. The beneficiary should use the money to carry out the insured wishes.

Signature Quote is an independent insurance agency representing a number of nationally known insurance companies. We will search our listing of highly rated national insurers for the insurer who has the coverage and the price you are looking for. Review our list of top rated Life Insurance companies.

Purchasing a final expense life insurance policy can help ensure that your loved ones will not face the added burden of financial pressures should something happen to you.

Our process is to have a single agent contact you. Once you contact Signature Quote, only one insurance agent will respond to your inquiry. We do not sell your contact information to other insurance companies therefore you will not receive calls from multiple insurance companies and agents. The single agent that responds to your inquiry will search the multiple insurance companies that we represent. That agent will search our list of highly rated insurance companies instead of you and present the best quote for your consideration.

Let us begin to search the insurance market for the best final expense insurance quote at the best price that meets your needs.



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